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Helen Petrovsky

ZAVTRA (Tommorow)

ZAVTRA – this means “tommorow" and refers to the Russian expression "Zavtra (byla) woina" – "Tommorow will (have) be(en) war".

In the documentary Zavtra (Tomorrow) director Andrey Gryazev joined the art group, which chose exactly taht name: Voina – War. Their founding members call themeselves Vor (thief) and Koza (goat). They live and raise their little boy Kasper underground. Their art performances walk a fine line between art and crime. Their political statements are disturbing, they draw attention to social and political aspects causing indignation and often they caused indignation themselves. menawhile the group is not that present anymore. But: Is the "tommorow" they wished for here already?

The movie, which was presented at the Berlinale 63, was screened at the Kulturwerkstatt Kühlhaus. Afterwards there was the opportunity to discuss about the Russian art and protest scene with Helen Petrovsky (Moskau) and to dance to Russian rock and pop music and Klezmer.

We thank all those attending for
participating and discussing with us!

Zavtra (Tomorrow)
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